The art of Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless dent removal or PDR, has changed the face of the automobile industry, starting from humble beginnings it is now a global industry, and is the preferred method of removing dents, dings or hail damage from cars by every insurance company on earth.The History of Paintless Dent removal is a complicated one, but one thing is for certain, is has developed into a thriving business for a lot of people around the world.

Looks like magic

The first time you see a Paintless dent repair or PDR, it seems like magic. A good technician can make the metal seem like it is nearly bouncing, and after a few minutes he stops and the dent is removed.

It may seem complicated, but there are steps to remove a dent, and if followed correctly could have even the complete novice do a PDR Paintless dent repair in just a few hours. That doesn’t mean you will have learnt all the tricks of the trade, far from it, years and years of practice are needed for you to become a master of PDR, but it only takes days to understand the principals of how to remove a door dent or a crease.

To learn PDR , think of it more like an art form, technicians pride themselves on removing dents and dings larger and sharper and uglier than the next tech can. It becomes a healthy obsession for some, as they travel the world fixing large hail damage on every different car ever made and in the process weaving out an exciting and rewarding lifestyle.

But for others its simply a way to remove a dent from there auto without having to rely on a body shop, either way you will find what you need here. This guide will give you as much information as possible and it will be continually updated so have a look around, and see if PDR is for you.

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