How to Learn PDR Paintless dent removal

To learn PDR 10 years ago you would have to be a close family member of a master technician or spend up to $30000.

Dent technicians held the secrets of learning PDR Paintless dent removal close to there chests, sometimes not even allowing people to watch them repair a car. That led to many different methods and homemade tools being developed as there was no 2 technicians fixing auto the same way.

The trade has evolved so much in the last ten years there are now countless schools and courses available to learn PDR. But don’t think it will come cheap, nothing good ever does.

Even after making the decision to learn Paintless dent removal there will be countless sleepless nights and major financial decisions to be made. PDR Schools and courses can run into 10’s of thousands and a good set of PDR Tools can often cost half that again. Then you must way up the traveling costs as most schools or courses are on the other side of your country maybe even the world.

So before you tell your boss what to do with his job, and jet set across the globe in search of riches, test yourself to see if you understand the principals of PDR.The best and cheapest way of doing this is PDR-Online. This should be the foundation you set yourself before doing anything else, with full video tutorials that explain the processes of PDR, you will sit in your own comfort without the pressures of a teacher or other students, and teach yourself PDR at your own pace.

Of course this will not teach you everything you need to know about the skills needed, but you will be a step above the other students when and if you decide to take your training further, and you can do so in the knowledge that you haven’t risked your life savings on a dream.

Head to PDR-Online now to learn PDR Paintless dent removal.