Common door dents

Door dents are the most common dent found on a vehicle. They are most often caused by shopping trolleys or other peoples car doors.

They have a disadvantage of often being sharp or have a crease running though them but have an advantage of only being seen from side on, unlike a dent in your hood for example that you will notice every single time you go near the car.

Door dings have there own challenges to repairing, the first being the tight access behind the braces and other safety equipment like airbags and power windows. But these can often be easily overcome by working vertically down the through the window opening.

The golden rule of thumb when working with a panel that may have an airbag, is to remove the key from the ignition. This will in most cases disarm the airbag, but always make sure you read the manual and call the vehicle dealer to be sure.

Slide the window down to an open position, and use a window protector and window wedge to open the gap between the window and the drip rail molding. Then slide a PDR Tool down and follow the steps to remove a dent. If all else fails and you can not access the dent correctly, simply remove the inner door trim and gain access that way.

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