The history of Paintless dent removal

The history of Paintless dent removal or PDR, is often believed originated in Europe, in the production rooms of some of the big car manufacturers. And over the years has evolved into what it is today, a massive global industry.

There is some conjecture about who created it, but there is no denying the facts, and that is that who ever did start it had no where near the amount of tools and equipment that we are blessed to have today.

Back in 1994 I was fixing hail damage with a elderly South African gentleman in Sydney Australia, he had been fixing cars Paintless since the 50’s, back then they would use spoons, yes simple everyday spoons, and by placing the spoon upside down and balancing it on your thumb, they would use a rolling motion to massage the dent out.

Of course there is no need for that now, as there is a countless amount of PDR tools that could do the job, but it was that sort of thinking that helped create the history of PDR and Dent company’s and technicians around the world are still trying to perfect the trade.

The latest development in the PDR industry is PDR-Online this amazing software lets you practice your art with out having the pressure related to having a customer looking over your shoulder. This software takes every PDR technician from student or master, and gives them a medium to develop new methods and refine skills. With full video tutorials explaining every step of the way.

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