The steps to remove a dent by PDR

There is no exact science to repair a dent, but there are certain steps to remove a dent that should be followed.

We start with:

Free access to the dent.

PDR Paintless dent removal is performed from the underside of the panel, so access is paramount. So first steps to remove a dent is to remove any trims in the way of the dent, if the dent is in a roof, then that means that the headliner will need to be removed, or if the dent is in a hood, then the hood sound pad comes off. The only exception to this rule is doors, as there is a method of using the window opening to fix a door dent. Set up the area.

Make sure that you have enough room to set up the dent lights , can open all doors and be able to move the lights around the car. This is an important step, because the only way to make sure that the dent is out is to check it from all available angles. Failure to do this will result in the dent appearing gone from one viewpoint, but standing out from another.

PDR tool Selection.

There are a wide variety of PDR Tools to be used in different circumstances. The main objective here is to choose a tool that has the correct tip and the right length for the leverage you will need.

Understand how to fix a dent.

There is no easy way to explain this, but I will try. A dent is formed in the metal after an object such as a hail stone has struck the panel. That part of the metal is now stretched, and unlike popular belief will not just pop out, it needs to shrink back to its original form.

PDR uses a series of small pushes back into the metal to re-shrink it. By putting a lot of smaller dents back into the original it creates a type of corrugated effect and in effect shrinks the stretched metal back to its original size.

The best place to learn about the movement of metal and how it reacts to different PDR tools is a software program called PDR-Online Training. This amazing software will eliminate the number one problem regarding PDR, and that is being able to understand and see how the metal moves and reacts. I strongly suggest anyone who is thinking about PDR, or is already in the trade, to try this software, as it is the best and fastest way to grasp the concept of PDR without breaking your bank balance and your car.

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