PDR trim removal can be quick money.

Although sometimes tedious, PDR trim removal can sometimes be a great money maker, especially in hail storms. Often you can charge up to 250 dollars for a complete strip down of the panels needed to remove the dents, and once you have the tricks down, it wont take you longer then 30 minutes to get what trims you need removed.

Here we will look at each panel separately and look at some of the methods and tricks used to get them down safely and quickly.

The biggest trim removal you can do is the headliner trims this is the covering the separates the passenger of the car with the roof panel. Head to the headliner guide for more information.

PDR Car Trim removal

The easiest trim to remove is the hood trims, but will most likely be the one trim you break the most clips on.

Next we have the quarter panels trims, quarter panels are the two rear guards on the car. Head to this section of the guide for some advice on these panels.

And we also have the front fender trims, these are sometimes quiet tricky, head to the front fender trims section of the guide for more information.

Sunroofs can work for you or against you, read the sunroof guide to see why.

And I have included a section on tailgate removal, as this is sometimes a necessary step to fix certain dents.

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