PDR training advanced technique guide.

In this PDR training guide I will cover advanced techniques for removing dents and dings by PDR

It will cover methods used in Glue pulling covering the different types of glue, and there uses.

It will also cover Sanding as this area deserves its own section, as I believe it will take your work to the next level. Polishing is also an important training technique that should be explored. Because there is nothing worse then having only half a car shiny.

We will also take a closer look at different PDR Schools in different countries around the world.

And lastly we will explore Drilling, don’t be scared of this option, most training companies will teach you how to avoid it, but I always carry a good drill just in case.

Before exploring this section of the guide further, please make sure you have learnt the basics of PDR with PDR-Online this amazing dent simulation program will advance your knowledge of the PDR process and have you ready for these ore advanced techniques.

Head from PDR training guide to the Dent simulation program PDR Online

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