How to remove a crease dent

Creases are often formed when metal hits metal, like a car door opening into another car door. This type of impact usually forms a scar along the inside of the dent.

Depending on the depth and size they can cause problems for PDR Paintless dent removal and fixed poorly can often leave the car looking worse then it did with the dent in it. However there is ways to minimize it and return the panel to pristine condition.

This requires patience and a good knock down tool to separate and flatten out the edges. This best way to learn some of these advanced methods of PDR is to use PDR-Online. This software has different dent templates that you can use to try new methods, you can eliminate the lighting problems and even remove the paint of the panel to give yourself the best possible chance of actually seeing what the dent is doing to certain types of stimulation. Not only can you work care free in the comfort of your own home without a customer looking over your shoulder, it also has full video tutorials and you can also reset the dent to try it over and over until you have mastered the skills.

Head to PDR-Online now to test your methods and practice your skills.

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