Do it yourself dent repair!

Please read whole article before attempting a do it yourself dent repair.

To repair a dent yourself with no training or tools is not recommended, and I certainly wouldn’t suggest you do it, but for some reason if you just refuse to take it to a Paintless Dent technician, there is a few things you should know before you start a do it yourself dent repair.

The first thing that you should do is read the steps to remove a dent and way up your options, because even though this process seems simple it requires practice and lots of it.

There is a PDR-Online software program that can help you understand the principals of metal movement, but if you are still determined to get that dent out yourself, here are some basic guidelines to help you.

Before starting a do it yourself dent repair, make sure the paintwork is still intact, and in good condition, the reason for this is simple.If you try to remove a dent with corroded paintwork, you simply cant see where you are pushing and you will destroy it. Try polishing the area and see if that helps.If you try and repair a dent with fractured or split paintwork, then the paint will most likely continually split, and the final result will be worse then if you had just left the dent there.

Use a soft tool, do not use a screwdriver, this is the one thing that destroys more panels then anything else, sharp tools are for experienced technicians so use something with a soft head, like a rubber mallet or if you have nothing else other than a screwdriver, wrap an old sock around the head of it to limit the damage.

Go slow, this cannot be stressed enough.Most people try to imitate a body shop worker and start pounding away, this is a sure way to failure. Take your time and only remove small amount of the dent at a time.

If you have little pimples everywhere, tap them down as you go, don’t wait until most of it is done because there is a good chance the dent will reappear. Use some old wooden golf tee’s to pinpoint the high spots, and tap gently.

Again I must say I don’t recommend you try your first dent repair on your own vehicle, the price of Paintless Dent removal is more then worth the investment, to keep your car in pristine condition.

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