Global weather

In this section of the guide we will explore global weather, resent hail and severe storms. I will also give some hail facts, how hail is formed, and talk about prevention like hail car covers.

Weather effects us all, some more then others. I remember being a child in school and the teacher complaining that all us kids acted silly when it was raining. Living in Australia I don’t think teachers complain about that anymore, because it either doesn’t rain at all, or it storms.

As I write this, Australia is in a major drought, and our dams are dangerously empty. Is this because of Global warming? Have the weather patterns always been like this? To be honest I do not know, I don’t think anyone really does, but for those of us that require severe weather patterns for financial gain, like hail chasers, well lets just say we wont be without work for long. Even the bible predicts ‘the end of days will bring massive hail‘, I guess you can say PDR technicians will be busy right to the end. Only joking.

When talking about global weather, it is hard to keep the information current because it changes like the ……., well you know what I mean. So it might be better if we take a look at each region independently.

First lets take a look at Australia, summer in Australia takes place between December and February, that means Christmas is hot, real hot. In fact 2005 boxing day here was sweltering with temperatures in between 35 and 50 degrees Celsius along the east coast. Hail season can run from late August to early April, but is mainly between October to January. As Australia is such a large country with mainly just the coast line populated, there are a lot of storms that do no vehicle damage. Unlike the USA, if a storm misses the center of town, there can often be no reports of it at all.

The United States of America have there summer between May and August, but hail storms hit the USA all year around. Because of there large population and geography, storms can be devastating, with tornadoes and large hail ripping down the center of the country frequently. Some states are always in need of good technicians. I have worked from Texas right to North Dakota, covering all the states in between fixing hail in autos, but be aware there are a lot of PDR technicians in the USA, and a lot of good ones. So if you decide to head there looking for work, make sure you bring you’re ‘A’ game, and can compete with the best in the world.

There is also Europe , there summer months range from around June to September. Working and living in Europe was one of the greatest experiences of my life, I loved it. I spent 6 months between Germany and France working in one year, fixing all quality cars, like BMW and Mercedes. There is a fair amount of hail storms there also, and with the close proximity of all the countries there is always car damage. One thing I do suggest is to work with a local company, I spent the first 2 months working by myself, trying to communicate with customers and car companies with absolutely no language skills. Fun but not advisable.

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