How to remove and replace hood trims for PDR.

The easiest trim to remove is the hood trims, but will most likely be the one trim you break the most clips on.

The only trim you should need removed from a hood is called the sound pad, this is the covering to keep the cars engine noise down.

Its usually only held in place with a few clips, but can sometimes be the hardest trim to remove without breaking them.

The first thing you will need is a good trim remover, you can get these at any PDR tools supplier, or any hardware store. Try to get one that has a wide opening and a decent angle set in it.

There are also hand grip sound pad clip removers, which are great for certain clips that need to be removed straight.

The reason most of these clips break, is because they are made of plastic and are constantly changing temperature, due to the engine’s heat. The car manufacturers also in there wisdom decided to make most of them a once in once out type clip, so in that case, it would be better if you just order some new ones and don’t waste your time trying to not break them.

Always carry around a couple of bags of extra clips from different car models in your truck, just to replace the ones you need.

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