How to fix a car with a sunroof PDR.

To fix a car with a sunroof PDR can be a blessing or a burden, This guide will explain your best point of attack.

To fix a car with a sunroof can be a blessing or a burden, the reason for this is access, sometimes you will get lucky and be able to use the sunroof as an opening to get to the dent, other times it will only be another obstacle in your path.

If you have no other option but to remove the headliner and the car has a sunroof, be aware this does not automatically mean that you will have to remove the sunroof itself.

Sunroof’s are usually in a large cassette style cartridge bolted to roof, with the sunroof closed you can often find a way to get to the dent PDR by using the braces in this cartridge as leverage.

If it happens you still cannot get to the spot you need you may have to drop the sunroof cartridge, start this by loosening all the bolts holding it in place, and then tie welding wire to each of the holes.

As you remove the bolts let the welding wire hold the cartridge above the seats, so not to damage them. Then remove the air hoses and unclip the wires.

When replacing the cartridge it is often easier to get someone to hold it in place as another person screws in the bolts. Remember to correctly fit all the wiring and hoses, and as a final check water test the roof.

I sometimes go as far as to take the car for a quick drive to make sure there is no air whistling through a gap.

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