The PDR headliners guide.

To fix a dent in a roof of a car PDR headliners sometimes need to come down, try this guide for some useful information.

Before you start pulling the headliner down, make sure you exhaust all your other options, like seeing if there is a sunroof, you may be able to slide a tool though the opening, or removing the center light, you may be able to access the dent that way.

Next step would be glue pulling try and see if you can get the dent that way, but eventually you will have multiple dents in the roof panel, or one you just cant get any other way then to remove the headliner.

The first thing to remember when removing the headliner is to take note of how everything comes out, make sure to take special interest in what screws go in with areas, because there is nothing worse then fixing a dent and when you put the headliner back together, you find that you have put too long of a screw into a hole and have pierced the painted surface of the roof. Don’t laugh it does happen, even to the best of us.

When all the screws are removed and sun visors ect are down, there is 2 ways to remove the card board head liner.

The first is to now remove all the plastic bracing riding up the pillars and the headliner will simple drop down after this is done.

The second way is a little trick that you should take care using as this does not work on all vehicles, and that is to grab the opening where the center light has been, and bow the headliner towards you, this will in effect lift the outer edges and bring the headliner down. To replace it simply put one side of the headliner in its place, and bow the trim again for the other side.

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