PDR window protectors: guide and information.

Don’t try a door dent PDR without using window protectors, this guide will explain why.

Protectors for windows are a must for every PDR tool box, they are a necessary item that will save you thousands and they are so cheap I carry several.

The best way to remove a door dent is to wind down the window and go in though the window well, well don’t even try this if you don’t have a window protector, because you will damage the glass and cost yourself more then the job is usually worth.

There are different types of protectors on the market today, but the most common is the single sheet of plastic with a right angle edge. Some have felt on one side which is good, and I have 2 of these, but there are also some cool looking pump action ones, that I have used and liked.

These pump action ones also serve as a window wedge, because as you slide it down the window well, you pump it up as you would a pressure pump, and it gently widens the well for easier access.

The protector however will not save you from that awful sound of exploding glass, if you are working with laminated windows. This is a major warning point for every technician, to always check the glass before starting.

Laminated glass can often be recognized by the 2 tier structure, the easiest way to do this is to wind the window half down and look at the top of the glass. If the window looks like 2 pieces of glass glued together that’s a good sign of laminated glass, and my suggestion would be to starting removing the door trim, because any pressure on that glass is a time bomb, and when it explodes every one in a 50 meter radius will know exactly what happened.

So save yourself the embarrassment and the money and always check the glass for lamination and use a protector.

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