The guide to PDR dent lights and reflectors.

Dent lights and reflectors are an integral part of PDR, they are the difference between fixing a dent 100% and 90%.

To use a light correctly you will need some hands on teaching, there are certain positions and angles that are best suited to different panels, on a roof for example you would have the light at a different height for removing the volume as you would to finish off the dent.

Lights are one of the biggest problems most techs have today, being able to truly see the dent. Some techs have a shadow approach some have a straight edge approach, either will work if used correctly.

Reflector boards on the other hand are mainly used outside, and for working on a single dent. They also come if different forms from electric, to battery operated to straight reflection.

If you are having trouble learning PDR, the chances are that it is because of the light. That is why the PDR-Online dent simulation software is so invaluable. This program lets you remove the reflection of the car, and first see how you are taking out a dent, then transfer that knowledge to a reflection.

This is the most important step in the PDR process, nothing else comes close, the theory behind PDR is paramount, so learning this without worrying about reflection must be achieved before you can move on.

Please visit PDR-Online , and if you haven’t done so already download the software and learn how to PDR before you move on.

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