Guide to Paintless dent removal schools.

Paintless dent removal schools have courses on PDR with qualified teachers, but here is a simple way to create an edge over the other students.

PDR training schools are extremely expensive sometimes ranging from 3000 to 7000 dollars a week to learn.

That’s why every person interested in PDR should first try PDR-Online, this interactive PDR simulation program, is a must have for not only new students, but for experienced technicians interested in refining there skills.

Of course there eventually has to come a time when you must make a decision if this is the trade for you and head to a personal instructor to take you to the next level needed to be efficient in PDR.

Choosing a company to teach you PDR can be confusing, they all offer basically the same thing packaged differently, the first thing you should consider, is if you want to be part of a franchise or not. This is an important step as some PDR companies will only train you if you become a part of there overall company, this may seem like a great place to start, but if you ever have dreams of controlling your own lifestyle, I would not take this decision lightly. Most franchises have written contracts that have been refined by years of court cases from PDR technicians trying to win back there own freedom.

Some of the best PDR training courses I have found are here. These company's have some of the best training and experienced technicians in the world today.

But start from home, learn the principals of pdr and see if this trade is right for you with PDR-Online before telling your boss what you really think about him, and flying half way across the world.

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