How to guide for PDR: Sanding

In PDR, sanding or blocking is an important step that should not be dismissed, it will take your work to the next level.

As you progress into bigger and larger dents, you will understand the importance of blocking more and more, because you will find that to reduce the volume of some of the larger stuff, you will need to put some high spots in the dent to hold its shape.

The main concern regarding blocking is rubbing right though the paintwork, and believe me when I say you WILL do this at some stage of your PDR life. So it is important to take steps to minimize that awful scenario.

Always take notice what shape your blocking tool is in, most accidents occur after just changing a to a new pad, or wearing down one side of your block. Always keep the area wet, and use a smooth non forcible motion.

Another thing to consider is never to rub over fractured paintwork, this is a short cut to breaking off a flake of paint.

Take notice of the paintwork of each vehicle before you start, look at it closely, and determine if you will create a flat spot in the paint, often this will stand out more then a couple of very small high spots.

For more information, go to PDR-Online and test yourself with this interactive dent simulation program, it is designed to not allow to many uses of the blocking tools which will create good habits in your skills.

Head from the sanding page to PDR Online now and test the dent simulation program