PDR Online training advantages.

The PDR online training advantages are many, because repetition is the mother of all skill, and in a skill based trade such as PDR, nothing is more true. PDR-Online gives you the chance to practice these skills at your own time, and in the comfort of your own home, without breaking your bank balance or your neighbors car, providing an excellent foundation to the art of Paintless Dent Repairs.

PDR-Online is a PDR tool built specifically for both the new student and the advanced technician in mind, by creating a software package with full video tutorials and allowing you to interact with the simulated dent in real time.

PDR-Online strives to break the most common problem by new technicians today, not being able to see what they are doing. By breaking down the walls surrounding PDR, and removing this problem, we can actually show you what happens when you push in certain areas inside the dent, and how the dent reacts to sharp tip or round tip tools under pressure.

It is like peeling back the paintwork of a car, so you can view your PDR tool and see how the dent reacts. PDR Online training advantages with this tool are countless, it is the most powerful and accurate PDR dent training simulation in the world today, and will help teach the basic skills of PDR while also challenging the most experienced technician with different tools and methods to refine there skills.

PDR hands on training can be very expensive, often costing up to 5000 dollars for just 5 x 8 hour days. A set of good tools can often cost that again.Then you will need to travel the country maybe even the world for decent training, and in the process it is costing you thousands.

So before you tell your boss where to put your old job, and put your financials in jeopardy, try PDR in your own home, without the pressures associated with school training, and with full video tutorials explaining every step of the way.

If you then decide to make that giant step into full time hands on training, you will be safe in the knowledge that you have the principals of PDR understood, and will be 2 steps above the other students before you start.

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