Take a look at many of PDR online features.

PDR Online features are state of the art when it comes to PDR training. There quiet simply is nothing on the market today that even comes close.

Unlike a training video or DVD, this is a fully interactive dent simulation program, built for anyone interested in PDR to learn new skills or develop existing skills.

PDR-Online’s ease of use and intuitive interface makes learning simple, and can overcome two of the most common problems with new students.

1. Not being able to really see the dent.

2. Not understanding how the metal reacts to different tools.


  • Power bar with option to switch off and be fully interactive
  • 3 different tool tips ranging from bullet tip to large soft tip
  • Knock down tool
  • Sanding blocks
  • Reset button
  • 5 Video tutorials of interface and all dents
  • A selection of templates ranging in difficulty levels
  • A variety of different car panels, including hood, door and fender
  • Different working angles, from upright (door) to horizontal (hood)
  • 3 different view modes, from wire frame to paintwork to both
  • Real time pan and zoom function for complete visual control
  • Complete grading system showing exactly how much of the dent is left to be removed
  • Real time metal editor
  • Realistic lighting and depth patterns
  • Crease dents
  • Crown dents
  • Real time correction methods

Want to know about PDR Onlines advantages

Don’t wait, download PDR-Online training program now, and get started on your way to a better lifestyle, that only a PDR technician can enjoy.

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