Glue stick guns and glue pullers the PDR way.

Glue stick guns and glue pullers were introduced in the trade about 1998, they have dramatically increased PDR effectiveness and productivity, but they are not the all in one answer most people believe they are.

While changing the trade to a certain extent, they have a lot of limitations and used poorly like any tool make will more of a mess then anything else.

The idea behind this tool is to glue a specially designed tab onto the surface of the panel, and then use a redesigned slide hammer or glue tab lifting tool to invert the dent to an extent. The main issues with this tool is that it is used best on firm non flexible panels, such as turret cant rails, and does not work extremely well on flat open style panels like the middle of a hood.

I happened to be working in Austria fixing hail damage PDR, when this tool was first introduced. I remember clearly sitting around after work with other global hail chasers and testing it out, and while we were all skeptical at the time, I must say it has proven itself a must for every PDR hopeful’s tool kit. But don’t fall into the trap of believing this is the best way for every dent, it is a mistake a lot of new trainees do and it leads to massive failure.

There is nothing like ripping the paint clean off a customers car while they are watching to teach you that lesson.

The best way to learn PDR is not with a glue gun, it is with PDR-Online this amazing interactive dent simulation program can teach you everything from how the metal moves to different types of stimulation to sanding and crease removal.

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