PDR knock down tool: guide and information.

The knock down tool is the most valuable tool in the PDR tool box, always have at least one handy at all times.

Each knock down varies from each PDR Tool company to the next, but they are the most essential piece of equipment you will own. This is your get out of jail free card, and you will use it regularly.

Most high end techs pride themselves on limiting the use of the knock down, but there is not one tech in the world that can live without it. Of course some use it more than others, some sound like they are trying to build a house, but the fact remains this will be used by everyone.

The main uses for a knock down is to gently tap down the little high spots or beestings formed while removing a dent, but they are much more then that. A blunt tip on your knock down can provide a great way to reduce eyebrows that are formed when the metal is pushed into another region of the panel and flatten creases.

For more information about the how to use a knock down to perform advance techniques of PDR, go to PDR-Online, and try some methods on the tutorials and interactive dent simulation program.

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