PDR wires: guide and information

PDR wires used to fill the whole tool box before the glue gun was introduced, but they still have a use.

Wires are usually very fragile and bend to the users needs, I used to have a large selection of these in my tool box and like most tools you may not use it for 6 months but the day you need it and it is not in your box, you will be kicking yourself.

Today I only carry a select few, and the glue stick gun and puller, take care of the rest. But there are some I must have in my box.

Depending where I am working in what country I like to have a couple of long wires suited to the vehicles, such as in Australia a long wire with a 2 inch bent tip is a must for Holden doors. And in USA kinked firm wires with the a 1 inch head are a must for the honeycomb hoods.

Either way you will need a couple of decent wires in your box, to help get you out of a tricky situation.

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