PDR rods and PDR bars of Paintless Dent Removal

PDR rods and bars are the bread and butter of the Paintless dent trade. They are the main tool that will fill your tool box.

Ranging in all shapes and sizes, they are used on every panel of the car, most techs use a 4 foot long rigid rod for all open areas on roofs and hoods. They may use the same rod for fenders and quarter panels also. They will often use a shorter version of the same rod for doors.

The main differences between the rods and bars are the length and the tips, it is good to have a selection of both these types of tools, after a while you will find some that feel comfortable, and others that you don’t like as much, it is up to each user to determine this.

Some PDR tool companies are now creating rods and bars with swivel handles, this is a great addition because it now allows the user to use one tool for different angles and use different force for leverage.

A good rod will fit you, it will sit nicely within your arms span and the tip will be in ideal position for your eye sight. When selecting a new rod try thinking of how a top line snooker or pool champion would select there pool cue or stick, because there is a lot of similarities between the two. Both need extreme focus, accuracy and hand eye coordination.

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