Paintless dent repair hand tools: guide and information.

Paintless dent repair hand tools are the old school way of removing dents, most techs have a large selection of them.

Hand tools are a short tipped tool designed for hand to hand combat with the dent. Forget all these fancy rods and leverage, these are for hard core technicians that love to get a bit dirty while they work.

They are a great way to quickly remove low spots without setting up leverage points, and are a must for every tool box. They come in all shapes, and most companies have there own design, the best way to find one that suits you is to just try it out.

Some technicians like to hold it like a gun, others like me like to rest it on the ball of the hand, but either way will work as long as your are accurate.

While learning PDR with hand tools you will find it tougher then you expect, I have seen massive guys whimpering after a day or two pushing panels with these tools, as they use mussels in there forearm and wrist they haven’t used before. But don’t worry it becomes easier as time progresses and soon you wont even notice you are pushing.

Head to PDR-Online to test out the differences between sharp tips and blunt tips, in this excellent dent simulation program.

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