Purchase license agreement for PDR-Online Paintless Dent Training Software

IMPORTANT - READ CAREFULLY: This is a legal agreement between "You" (either an individual or single legal entity) and Labra Pty Ltd. governing the use of the software product identified above ("Software"). By purchasing a license for the Software, you agree to the terms of this agreement. If you do not agree to these terms, you should not purchase a license for the Software.

The type of license offered you by this Agreement (for "perpetual" use) is listed in the software license agreement in the installation setup of the Software.

A. Terms and Conditions Applicable to Perpetual Use Licenses

  • You are granted a license to use this Software in perpetuity, subject to the terms, fees, conditions, restrictions, and limitations contained herein and on the applicable PDR-Online list.

  • This Software may be used on any compatible computer, even if attached to a network, provided that a software license has been purchased for the computer.

  • Labra Pty Ltd will provide routine maintenance to Licensed Users during the term(s) of the license, including reasonable amounts of technical support and all program updates and new releases of the Software as they become available.

B. Terms and Conditions Applicable to Perpetual Use License

  • This agreement authorizes You to use the Software only on a computer owned or leased by You. Use of the software on a computer owned by a third party is prohibited.

  • Should You elect to terminate Your use of the Software, You will not be entitled to a refund of any portion of the license fee.

  • This Agreement will be governed under the laws of the Australia and all of its territories.

  • You may not make copies of the Software for any reason including archival and back-up purposes.

  • Labra Pty Ltd may terminate this license for material breach by you. Upon termination, you agree to stop using, and to destroy all copies of, the Software licensed hereunder.

  • You may not disassemble, de-compile, or reverse engineer this Software in any way.

  • This Software license may not be assigned or otherwise transferred to another person or computer without our written permission.

  • This Software may not be exported without the appropriate export license.

  • All license fees are exclusive of any tariffs, duties, or taxes imposed or levied by a government or governmental agency.

  • The Software is the property of Labra Pty Ltd. or its licensors and is protected by Australian copyright laws and international treaties.

  • The terms of this License Agreement do not apply if this Software has been furnished to you pursuant to a separate, written license agreement executed by both parties.

  • Any conflicting terms contained in a purchase order for the Software submitted by You which has not been executed by Labra Pty Ltd. are expressly rejected.

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