Kens Toolbox

by Ken
(Gold Coast, Australia)

Ken's PDR Toolbox

Ken's PDR Toolbox

When designing my tool case, practicality was the key. As I am constantly pulling it out of the truck and reloading it back in, I went for a Organ case for the box which i modified and cut out 4 inchs, and a piano stand with casters attached for my trolley.

I have a selection of tools, ranging from Dentcraft whales, A1 Rods, PDR-Tools for my glue gun and accessories and also my interchangeable handle tools.

The light I have is a 12 volt Ultra dent light, that i have modified to as I use a straight edge over the fog.

For knock downs I have a dentcraft aluminum 3 1/2 inch interchangeable tip knock down.

I use a A1 slide hammer for glue pulling, with a selection of titty tabs.

Currently I am using the red and yellow glue for all glue pulling. As it is getting hotter here i find the red glue to hold the best.

I still have a couple of home made tools that stay in my box, and i like the Bufflex and Candy Block for a sanding option.

The one tool I really couldn't do without is a tool designed by A1 called the 'Drew tool'. This tool is a must for any tool kit, with its flexibility and strength in the head second to none. Just last week I was fixing a porshe that had a deep dent past the fuel cap, This 'Drew' tool slides along the contour of the quarter bending to the shape of the car and making access a breeze.

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Jul 28, 2017
Question NEW
by: Chig

What kind of clips did you use to hang your small tools on the lid of did you drill? Thanks boss man

Jan 20, 2008
by: Anonymous

I use an A-1 12 volt light large 3 foot 110 volt with attached inverter for portability. As well as the 2 lights I use 5+ completely different boards with different combinations of lines and fades. I select a color, (line\fade) style, and also critical factor of amount of reflective light (light refracting off the board) vs. transparent light ( amount of light that shines through the board from the back side) based on each cars color, location and type of light inside or outside and the type damage .... making the right choices before you start pushing means you are working smart and using your only must have tool.

Sep 11, 2007
Wow Awesome tool kit!!
by: Shane Anderson

That is a awesome toolbox you have there Ken. I love the way you have thought outside the square to modify that organ case.

It is also a great selection of tools from various companies, just the sort of thing most new technicians don't know.

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