Installation instructions, and system minimum requirements for PDR Online

Before installation please make sure you meet the minimum system requirements.

Minimum system requirements for the software:

PC with Windows 2000/XP

1.5Ghz or higher CPU

256MB system memory (512MB or more recommended)

4MB of disk space

A graphics card with 64MB memory (128MB recommended)

NOTE: We have received feedback PDR Online may be unstable running on Windows 7, please be aware that it works best with Vista or XP.Unless you have access to XP or Vista please do not download the program at this stage. We are working on the issue, and will get back to you shortly.

After purchase you will receive 2 emails, one with the Program in a zipped folder, and the other with your username and registration key (IMPORTANT: you will need this key and username to unlock the program)

Free Trial is available for download from here.

Open the email containing the zip file and save the zip folder to your computer.If your current anti virus software will not allow you to open it, Go to the location where you saved the zipped folder, and right click, select properties, and at the bottom you will see "allow" this program, choose this option.

double click the setup.exe and follow the instructions.

When prompted insert the username and registration key exactly as shown in your confirmation

email, including capitals.Username : (insert your email address)Registration key : (insert registration key)

The program will need the Microsoft Windows update .NET 3.0 to run. You can find this update at Microsoft Update. Choose the custom install, and choose .NET 3.0 from the Windows XP list.This is a free update from Microsoft for windows users.

PDR Online training program should now be found in your programs, simply double click to run it.

Mac users will need this program installed before running.


Changes to your operating system or new software may cause conflicts with your video card or video card driver. If the manufacturer of your video card has created a new driver, you may solve the problem by installing it. You might also upgrade the driver to take advantage of a new video format.Instructions

Difficulty: Moderate

Finding out What Video Card You Have


  1. Right-click on My Computer.
  2. Select Properties.
  3. Click on the Device Manager tab.
  4. Click on the plus sign to the left of "Display adapters." The name of the driver appears. Make a note of it.

Finding and Downloading a Newer Driver


  1. Go directly to the Web site of your driver's manufacturer.NVIDIA Cards and ATI Cards
  2. Click on the link for your video card, brand of video card or brand of video chip (if you don't have a separate video card).
  3. Follow instructions to download the driver.
  4. Save the file on your computer's desktop.

Tips & Warnings

* Only download a later version of your video card's driver. Don't try the driver for another card; you may see unpredictable results.

Installing the New Driver


  1. Find the existing driver in the Device Manager, as before. Right-click on it and select Remove.
  2. Double-click on the icon for the downloaded file.
  3. Follow installation instructions.
  4. Restart the computer.

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