Australian Dent Training Schools

This is the place to find quality Australian dent training for the Paintless dent removal industry.

These schools offer the very best PDR teaching and facilities, covering every aspect of Paintless Dent repairs. Take advantage of the low Australian and New Zealand Dollar and take your first steps to having a richer lifestyle that only becoming PDR technician can bring.

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Australian and New Zealand Dent training Schools

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Company Description

PDR President

PDR President

PDR President or (PDR) is a long standing Australian paintless dent repair business. PDR has long specialised in hail repair, the more demanding element of paintless dent repair. For more information CLICK HERE

Dents R Us Australia

Dents R Us

Training takes place at the Dents R us Training academy in Ballarat over a 10 day period. Here students can learn to become PDR Technicians. PDR tools can be provided if required along with specialized lighting and accessories. CLICK HERE

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