Atlas Dent Removal

Atlas Dent Removal

are the makers of fine PDR Glue Pulls and accessories including the pat pending Atlas "Olympian" PDR Glue Tabs

The Atlas Olympian™ Pull is the best pull on the market, in the world. After 15 years doing auto hail repair, we haved tested every pull available and couldn't find one that met our expectations. The Atlas Olympian™ was developed by people who work in this business for people who work in this business.

What makes the Atlas Olympian™ Pull so good?

  • It is made of the strongest plastic available and won't break as easily or as often as other pulls.
  • A glue face was created for maximum adhesion to the automotive panel.
  • The shaft is the maximum thickness possible and will still fit any slide hammer.
  • The Atlas Olympian™ Pull is designed for maximum strength, durability, and effectiveness, saving you time and money as it significantly increases your efficiency.
  • With its patented technology, the Atlas Olympian™ Pull is guaranteed for multiple usage.

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