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PDR Tips and tricks, Issue #33
September 13, 2015


whoah long time no talk, hope you have been well.

Are you a complete master in the art of PDR yet? Hope so because i have something really cool to share with you, that is going to completely rock your world.

Especially if your interested in traveling the globe doing hail. One of the biggest struggles i have had while traveling has been the costs of living on the road, you often have massive expenses and you end up living in cheap hotels where you can hear the gangsters in the next room plotting a crime, Just joking (sort of).

I have found a way to not only save a bucket load while you are on the road, but also upgrade your hotel to something you can be comfortable in. Lets face it, being away for long periods of time from your family can be hard, but if you are staying in a really nice apartment, where you can cook a few meals and feel safe, it makes the world of difference.

Ok i am going to send you to a landing page for the site i am speaking of, there is a business side to this also, i am not sure that is for you or not, its cool either way, what i think you will love is the amount you can save.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Click here NOW

Do not be scared off that it asks for an email, the page is mine and i already have it, so you can put it in again without issues. This has seriously been my secret sauce to creating an amazing lifestyle


PS: drop me an email to and tell me how your PDR training has been, would love to hear from you.

PDR QUICK TIP: Always move your light way back and flat, to do your final check over, the object is to create any light imperfections so the eye can pick them up

Remember Repetition is the mother of all skill

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