Hi <>

Its Shelley here, Shane's hard working wife. (Shane is working in Warwick doing hail repairs at the moment. Actually I love having the place to myself. I get a lot more done around here when Shane's not in the way messing things up).

He just wanted me to get the word out about PDR Quote receiving a certificate of certification from Yarris the company that handles the Insurance Arnie Computer systems.

Ok to be honest, i had to ask him what that was, and was told that means PDR Quote can email quotes and invoices directly into the database of some Australian and NZ insurance companies.

  • Suncorp Insurance
  • Racq Insurance
  • AMP Insurance
  • SIS Insurance
  • GIO Insurance
  • VERO Insurance
  • VEROCP Insurance

Just like the main Body shop programs do without the 5 thousand dollar price tag.

I think the Insurance companies are excited about this also, as this means they no longer have to deal with PDR Quotes by hand, and it sure does make getting paid a whole lot faster.

The Arnie version of PDR Quote will be available hopefully before Christmas, or in the first few weeks of January. It will be a major upgrade but well worth it.

He also finally got around to customizing the rest of the fields on the Invoice, so now you can change every line on the final document to read in your native tongue or use your own terms such as "Invoice" instead of "Tax Invoice" like we use here.

Anyway he will let you know when it goes live.

Look forward to talking to you soon


PS-- Oh one last thing, did you see the articles written about Shane and the program last week? There was one half page story on him in the local paper, and it looks like Paint and Panel magazine are doing a story on him also next issue, so keep an eye open for that.

PSS-- I almost forgot to tell you that in the next free update for existing users he has allowed a Logo to be added, you can simply pick your logo out of your iPhone's photo library and then it will show on all your PDF's and emails, pretty cool huh?

Here is some of the benefits if you have not heard of PDR Quote yet.

  • Mobile quoting system, on the spot quotes and invoices
  • Faster turn around on jobs
  • No quoting or paperwork at night
  • Less likely for the client to shop and get a competitive
  • quote
  • Faster decisions
  • Close more sales
  • Appear more professional
  • More jobs completed in a day
  • Save time, save money
  • One off cost for the system (no need to reorder quote books or paperwork)


There is also some video tutorials showing you how to do a few things on the iPhone.

Click here to watch it

email shane and tell him what you think

PDR QUICK TIP: Email all invoices to your customers if you can, you will never lose one, and have a record of it, also most body shops scan your paper invoices anyway for there own records

Shane will be back next month,

Cya Shelley