Hi <>

I would firstly like to thank everyone for downloading, using and supporting PDR Quote and it evolution.

It has been great getting your advice, suggestions and feedback to date. It is as a result of this support and some of the great ideas that have been sent to me that I have decided to take the next step. As many of you know I am not a professional developer but actually a PDR guy that made this App for myself to make my life easier.

The success of the App worldwide has caught me a bit by surprise, and the additions that are now needed for the program to work at its full potential in certain countries has led me to a decision to partner with a team of software professionals at appVenture. They are a group of guys that have really taken to what PDR Quote could be if we remake it, in such a way that it can evolve even further and be more relevant to your specific regions.

In partnering with appVenture i will be able to pass on my knowledge in the area and allow there coders to implement some of the fantastic suggestions from all the applications users. This will hopefully push the App to the cutting edge of mobile estimating software, and most definitely lead the way for the PDR trade.

So that brings me to the email. I will be pushing (hopefully with time) a final update for PDR quote, ensuring it works on iOS 5 but from there purely assisting the team at appVenture with the new, more effective platform to take it into the future.

PDR Quote as it stands now, is still a great quoting system for the price, and it may suit your needs, but to go forward with the additions we have in mind, requires a total rebuild and rethink of how things are implemented.

I would like to get any suggestions back from you if you have them or questions about the evolution. I am very excited for the potential and will keep you updated with appVentures progression.

By all means check them out at www.appventure.com.au

email me and tell me what you think

PDR QUICK TIP: Always add natural light to do your final check, the increased reflections will allow you to check the panel across a larger area.

See you all soon. And have a great holiday.


Remember Repetition is the mother of all skill