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There will be another small update coming out shortly to address some of the issues regarding PDR Quote.

Apple made available in there latest iPhone 4 the use of multitasking, this is the evil critter that has been making my life hell.

The issue has been that the program doesn't not shut off, meaning that it doesn't do a final save, and also is throwing bugs around everywhere. But do not despair, the update addresses this, and also a another couple of small bugs in the Matrix and also the Parts section.

Overall the program will be cleaner and smoother, and should behave as it should.

On a personal note i am finishing off a small storm in Queensland Australia, been working long hours on the tools and then longer hours to find these issues, and i thank you all for staying patient with me. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and finally i can see it.

I will finish my stories this year i promise, and have some new stuff for us all to look at in future.


This version of PDR Quote only works with the updated version of 4.2.1 so PLEASE UPDATE your iPhone and iPad before downloading it, or it will crash on start up.

This had to be done, as some of the features of this update are Airprint, and need the new version 4.2.1 to work.

To do this, connect your device to iTunes and check for updates to the system.

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  • Mobile quoting system, on the spot quotes and invoices
  • Faster turn around on jobs
  • No quoting or paperwork at night
  • Less likely for the client to shop and get a competitive
  • quote
  • Faster decisions
  • Close more sales
  • Appear more professional
  • More jobs completed in a day
  • Save time, save money
  • One off cost for the system (no need to reorder quote books or paperwork)

CLICK HERE FOR LITE VERSION Click here to watch tutorials

email me and tell me what you think

PDR QUICK TIP: Make sure your panel stand has wheels, your speed will increase dramatically by not having to change your lights to check off.

See you all soon. And have a great holiday season.


Remember Repetition is the mother of all skill