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It has been a hectic few months down here in Melbourne Australia, and i think i have seen enough BMW's to last a lifetime. The hail has ranged from extreme to medium, not many light cars, which helps push up the prices and also get rid of some of the competition.

We are nearly on the back stretch now, and starting to think of home. Most of my boys have left and are either back in the states, Canada or over in Europe.

Once i do get home i will add some long awaited upgrades to PDR Quote, such as a dent matrix for our American brothers and sisters, and a few other cool things to take advantage of the iPad.

If you are having trouble with a contact closing down PDR Quote, make sure you have the address field set out correctly, i have had a few people having this issue, and it can be resolved very quickly by targeting the contact giving you a problem, then redoing it and making sure follow the address fields correctly. I will target this issue in the next update, so it will not close the App down.

Just remember for Australian techs and companies that PDR Quote links directly to Arnie giving instant access to

  • Suncorp Insurance
  • Racq Insurance
  • AMP Insurance
  • SIS Insurance
  • GIO Insurance
  • VERO Insurance
  • VEROCP Insurance

Just like the main Body shop programs do without the 5 thousand dollar price tag.

I think the Insurance companies are excited about this also, as this means they no longer have to deal with PDR Quotes by hand, and it sure does make getting paid a whole lot faster.

The Arnie down loadable content is an added price, you will be able to buy this feature in the App, by hitting the store button on the main screen, as it is mainly for Australian and NZ techs and companies.

Other major upgrades to this version are

  • Logo - You can now add a logo to your PDF page, and also customize the positioning between right side and middle of the page.
  • Watermark - you can now add a watermark of a car behind the detail of the Invoice, this adds more depth and further customizing. You can also choose between different cars giving you even more customizing options.
  • All Main Labels Customize - Every main label can now be your own, basically you can change it to your own language or to your own terms.
  • Improved Insurance - Major upgrade to the insurance companies fields. You can now include repairer codes, there Tax codes and notes on each one. I also changed the way the program saves this data, in a future release some time next year, i will be converting all data to a saved database, so you will be able to retrieve past quotes and invoices and increase searching options.
  • Parts overhaul - Parts have been redone to now include Part numbers and also Qty options, these all reflect on the final pages.
  • General bug fixes - just a couple of tweaks here and there to make the program run faster, and look cleaner and of course be more user friendly.

The program now basically does everything a printed quote book does and more. If you think about it, you are paying about 35-50 dollars a book to be 3 color printed and are restricted to buying a minimum of 10 books, you are paying about 350-500 dollars each time.

PDR Quote will eliminate this, and there are no ongoing fees, once bought you own it.

Here is some of the other benefits if you have not heard of PDR Quote yet.

  • Mobile quoting system, on the spot quotes and invoices
  • Faster turn around on jobs
  • No quoting or paperwork at night
  • Less likely for the client to shop and get a competitive
  • quote
  • Faster decisions
  • Close more sales
  • Appear more professional
  • More jobs completed in a day
  • Save time, save money
  • One off cost for the system (no need to reorder quote books or paperwork)

CLICK HERE FOR LITE VERSION Click here to watch tutorials

email me and tell me what you think

PDR QUICK TIP: Put wheels on your panel stand, this way while sitting you can swing your stand around to get the best light without losing momentum.

See you all next month, where i will release a few of the new upgrades coming later this year


Remember Repetition is the mother of all skill