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PDR Quote is now available on iTunes, simply click the link on this page to get instant access.

Ok its out at last, a PDR quoting program built by PDR guys for PDR guys. I have been working extremely hard on this to make it as easy as possible to use, quote and invoice. It has all the functions we do need, without the garbage we don't.

It also has that wow factor to stand you out from your competition, and it does all this on your iphone.

Some of the benefits of PDR Quote:

1. Ease of use (with touch screen and easy customizable buttons)

2. Convenience (you may not have your quote books, but i bet you always have your phone)

3. Email directly from phone to your customer, and also send one back to homebase at the same time.

4. Digital copies of every quote and invoice in your picture library after you sync your iphone allowing you to sort by dates.

5. Backup with ease, on a CD, rather then filling your office with boxes of old invoices.

6. Paperless (the way of the future is email, not written quotes, although you have the option to print if you like)

7. Professional (customers will notice).

8. Price (Other Panel quoting options can cost as much as $15000 per console, PDR Quote is a once off fee with no leasing under $500)-DEPENDING ON COUNTRY.

9. Availability (It is available right now on iTunes, in 87 countries, buy it the same way you would buy a music track and immediately download it to your iPhone).

10. Safety (no need to hand credit card details to foreign companies, you deal directly with APPLE.INC, they will handle all processing and payments leaving you safe in the knowledge that you are dealing with a company with a proven track record).

How much do you spend on Quote or Invoice books?

Before PDR Quote, we were spending up to $50 a book, and there was a minimum of 10, so that was $500 a pop.

PDR Quote will eliminate this problem, and have you quoting straight from your iPhone in seconds.


I have also set a feature so that you can rename all of the panels, and (nic) screen names, to customize the program to exactly your standards, and countries needs.

If you have not seen the video for this program then

Click here to watch it

Also i will conducting a hands on 2 week training course in August in Australia. This training course will be covering all aspects of PDR including light reading, dent definition, and basic to intermediate Paintless dent removal.

This is the last of these courses i will be doing this year, and places are extremely limited, if you are interested in this, contact me via this form and i will send you some more information.

Contact me here

Ok lots of information in this months newsletter, and if you have any questions regarding PDR Quote, don't hesitate to drop me a line.

I will be posting some awesome reviews on the program in the next couple of days, and i am so happy to say that every company that has tried it, simply loves it. In fact most of the glowing reviews were written without any contact from me, they were just that impressed with it.

Talk to you soon


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PDR QUICK TIP: If fixing a large roof (4x4) hang a chain across from the 2 back doors, this will allow you to have leverage all the way to the front with a long bar. (access from the hatch)

Remember repetition is the mother of all skill, and practice does make perfect.

Stay Safe

Shane Anderson