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PDR Tips and tricks, Issue #32 -- Nov-5-2013
November 04, 2013


whoah long time no talk, hope you have been well.

Are you a complete master in the art of PDR yet? If not listen up, because i have something really cool to share with you over the next couple of months that is going to completely rock your world.

Not sure if you are aware, but last year i took a business partner on to help me fill in some gaps i felt i had in the business. His name is Oliver Gilmartin, lovely bloke even for a Englishman (just Joking).

Anyway we have been working extremely hard to get everything back up to standard and in most cases, better beyond even my wildest dreams. Things like PDR Quote the iPhone App, has been in dire need of updating, and long overdue because of a few unforeseen hiccups trying to get it rebuilt.

But we are almost there, and it is looking spectacular.

I can not say to much at this stage, except to say that over the next few months and into the new year, you are going to be floored at some of the cool ideas that will be taking shape, right on our site

Everything will be getting an upgrade, yes even my blog posts, and hey i may even finish them, haha. Some extra cool stories to add to them and some wonderful characters i have met in the last few years.

Anyway i will not keep you long in this post, just wanted to touch base, and let you know that if you start seeing some changes around the site not to panic, we have got this totally under control.

Talk soon Shaneo

PS: drop me an email to and tell me how your PDR training has been, would love to hear from you.

PDR QUICK TIP: Always move your light way back and flat, to do your final check over, the object is to create any light imperfections so the eye can pick them up

Remember Repetition is the mother of all skill

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