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Wow! Feedback keeps pouring in from all over the world about our unique approach to training.

Before you take a look at this note from Matt, I want to let you know this months newsletter will be in 2 parts, I wont spoil the surprise but there will be a great tool offer only available to our clients and subscribers.

I should have all the details worked out by next week so keep an eye out for that one.

Matts Note

I love this feedback from Matt, especially the part about how our videos and program teach real-life applications. That is critical to your success. After all, if you learn a program inside and out, but can't use that knowledge to build a solid foundation for PDR - then you have just wasted your time and money.

Matt is now working full time fixing hail damage and is doing a fantastic job, he is also earning a few gold coins on the way.

He has also been kind enough to share his experience with the software personally, so if you have questions please fill out our Contact form and i will pass your details on to him.

The site may seem a little quiet these last 3 weeks, but don't fear, i have been working franticly behind the curtains, gathering some fantastic stuff to help with your training and you will see it all unfold before Christmas.

PDR QUICK TIP: Never remove the hood sound pad from the car, after un-clipping it. Just rest it face down on the engine, it will provide a great work area, and you will not forget to put it back in.

Stay tuned and keep an eye out for the second part of Novembers Ezine, it will be worth it.

Remember repetition is the mother of all skill, and practice does make perfect.

Shane Anderson