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In about a week or so, we will have PDR Quote version 2.0 available for download on the App Store

This new version takes PDR Quote and iCar Quote to a whole new level, as you will now be able to save and email directly from the App in rich PDF.

We have also added a PDR Viewer, and have revamped and streamlined the ability to change the names of not just the Final product names, but also the names of the panels in the program.

I have put up some quick tutorial videos explaining some of the new features


  • Mobile quoting system, on the spot quotes and invoices
  • Faster turn around on jobs
  • No quoting or paperwork at night
  • Less likely for the client to shop and get a competitive
  • quote
  • Faster decisions
  • Close more sales
  • Appear more professional
  • More jobs completed in a day
  • Save time, save money
  • One off cost for the system (no need to reorder quote books or paperwork)


There is also another video showing the ease of use of the program

Click here to watch it

Talk to you soon


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PDR QUICK TIP: On a really large dent, the best practice is to first put a glue tab on it, this will most times pull majority of the dent out, leaving you with a few smaller dents to clean up.

Remember repetition is the mother of all skill, and practice does make perfect.

Stay Safe

Shane Anderson