Merry Christmas <>

It has been crazy busy here in Australia over the last few months, with a semi storm hitting the Gold Coast in October, and a massive Hail Storm crushing NSW, 2 weeks ago.

Some of the stones were as big as dinner plates, with some of the most severe damage i have ever seen any where in the world.

I worked some long hours trying to get the hard copies of PDR Online operational before Christmas, and with 4 days to go, we still may just make the deadline, but i do not want to rush it just for the sake of rushing it.

On the demo CD there will be an interview with me, talking about PDR Online.

I will post the interview on the site in the coming days, but i wanted you, to be one of the first to see it.

Watch it

We had such a great response to the new sting ray tools, we are extending the offer


ONLY For subscribers to PDR tips and tricks, the world exclusive chance to get the new set of tools being developed by


These fantastic tools have been thoroughly tested by myself over the last few weeks, and I have been working close with Steve from PDR tools, to perfect them.

Let me just say they are fantastic, they do all the jobs Whale tails used to do, but with the advantage of the sharp tip it doubles as a brace cutter, and forward thrusting tip tool.

Ideal for working along the edge of welds, and along sunroof braces, these tools are completely 100% Australian made, and are going to be a must for any professional dent technician.

And this is the cruncher

I have cut a deal with Steve, and only for PDR Tips and Tricks subscribers he is willing to sell a set of 3 of these beauties for only $185 Low Australian Dollars

The set will have a 600mm, 400mm and 150mm Stingray.

This offer is only available until the 10th of December, and these tools are not yet available anywhere else in the world, even Steve has not posted them on his site yet.



Enter this code or tell him this code to be one of the first techs in the world to own a set of these little rippers.

Contact Steve at PDR-Tools Ok, I will even extend the offer for PDR Online.

You can have 20% off PDR Online training software, if purchased in the next 72 hours.

To get this deal, all you have to do is enter the code

code: pdr-online-quickbuy

Into the coupon section after you hit the buy now button on this page: PDR ONLINE
Merry Christmas to everyone, have a great holiday.

Stay safe, and have a great new year

PDR QUICK TIP: Use the gap between door and fender for great access to the guard

Remember repetition is the mother of all skill, and practice does make perfect.

Stay Safe

Shane Anderson