Hello <>

Just back from the Sydney Auto Trade show, where we had a stall with PDR Online set up, and allowing people to play with the program.

We had some fantastic results, and are working closely with the company 'PDR Tools' to get something real nice for you all over the next few weeks.

I have noticed a few people asking me for advanced tutorials regarding the PDR process, make sure you have yourself a copy of PDR Online, the eyebrow and Crease tutorial are both worth there weight in gold. And after showing these to a couple of regular PDR techs at the trade show, i was surprised at how much they could learn from them.

Also thinking of maybe adding a members section to the website with things like current storm information, and will include even better discounts, we haven't quiet worked out all the details as yet, but if you are a current owner of PDR Online software, you will be automaticly added at no charge.

Anything you would like to see in this section please contact me and give me your thoughts at

Be sure to check your emails next week to see the surprise i will have for you, trust me you will not want to miss it, we have been working really hard to get this deal together and i think you are going to love it.

If you haven't got the advanced tutorials from PDR Online software yet, i will give you a 20% discount to help you out.

Just enter the code code: pdr-online-quickbuy

Into the coupon section after you hit the buy now button on this page: PDR ONLINE
Talk to you soon


PDR QUICK TIP: On an eyebrow dent, if you reduce the high area first you will release the pressure in the center

Remember repetition is the mother of all skill, and practice does make perfect.

Stay Safe

Shane Anderson